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Helmet Decal Legacy Sports

Helmet Decal Legacy Sports

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3"x3" Helmet Decal 

Product Details

Our Stickers for Baseball Helmets blend cutting-edge printing techniques with superior adhesive qualities, guaranteeing that your designs remain intact for an extended period. They are characterized by exceptional durability, impressive adhesive strength, and a wide range of design options, making them ideal for artists, businesses, and individuals.

These stickers are meticulously produced using advanced printing technology, ensuring that the colors stay bright and unfaded, even under sunlight and in challenging weather conditions. This makes them perfect for enhancing the look of baseball helmets with lasting, vibrant designs.

Distinction & Disclaimer

PermaStickers are extremely durable, color fast, chip & weather resistant stickers/decals, but they can still wear down or lose adhesion depending on the conditions & circumstances.  For that reason, we can’t make any warranties or guarantees and should not be used for mission-critical applications or equipment.

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